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Important note: the valid fares to and from Venice city center are those of Piazzale Roma car terminal, Tronchetto, San Basilio and Santa Marta. the cost of the other destinations are managed by contacting us

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Chauffeured service transfer rate

The transfer rate

Chauffeured service rate of your transfer? Just insert the information required for your transfer service with a professional driver. With just one click we will give you our best offer with some useful information. As you can see, already in step 2 (Quotation), you will have your chauffeured service rate. 2 rates are shown divided by the number of passengers with a maximum number of accepted baggage. If you are interested, you can proceed with the reservation.

Transfer service to and from Venice

Important note: on the island of Venice, only 5 destinations will be considered valid during your search for the cost of the transfer service. And the destinations are Piazzale Roma (Rome square), Tronchetto, Cruise Terminal, Santa Marta and San Basilio. Unfortunately, for your chauffeured service with the professional driver, we can only get to the places reported above. For other destinations, it is required a boat service: the water taxi or the vaporetto (water bus).


Personal data during the booking

In order to proceed with the registration of the transfer service, we need your personal data, the meeting place, and the final destination. It is very helpful to have a phone number on which we can contact you, and/or send messages related to the transfer service required. We remind you that, per law, we have to compile a service sheet with all the information of the booked service. For further details on the use of personal data, please refer to our page “Privacy Policy“.

Payment of the chauffered service

For the payment of your chauffeured service rate with a professional driver, you have 2 options: the first by making the payment during the reservation. We use the PayPal system that allows you to make the purchase even without a PayPal account. Otherwise, you can pay directly to the driver at the end of the requested transfer service. But we warn you that with this option, we must ask for the details of a credit card as a guarantee.

January 21, 2018 Daniel Tesfamikael

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