Ferrari museum Maranello, to visit during a full day transfer tour from Venice to Florence with Pantarei chauffeur service
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Full day chauffeur service from Venice to Florence

The transfer tour from Venice to Florence or vice versa with our professional driver is the solution to visit 2 important sites. These are the place of birth of 2 Italian brands famous worldwide: Ferrari and balsamic vinegar.

Ferrari museum

During this full day transfer tour with the professional driver from Venice to Florence, you will stop over Maranello. It is Ferrari’s hometown where you will visit the company museum dedicated to the Ferrari sports car marque. It is also possible to have exclusive shuttle bus tours to the Fiorano track. As well along the Enzo Ferrari boulevard in the factory. If interested, please follow the information reported on the official website of the company 

The balsamic vinegar

Your chauffeur service continues to reach a balsamic vinegar producer located in the area of Modena, not far from Maranello. Here you will understand what the balsamic vinegar is and why it is so expensive. You will have a guided visit to the aging room, and you will be captured by hundreds of years of history. During the tour, you will also taste some balsamic vinegar to recognize the different flavors!

On the way to Florence

Your day transfer tour continues to Florence. From Bologna, you will leave the flat Po valley to drive by the Apennine mountains. This chauffeur service transfer tour from Venice to Florence is a day journey.

The water taxi in Venice

In the following booking form, the meeting point for your transfer tour to Florence is fixed at the main car terminal of Venice. Just let us know if you need a water taxi service in order to meet your driver at the right mooring place. 

Transfer tour Venice to Florence booking form

By the way, for your customized transfer tour, we propose also other two towns like Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo. Just contact us if you look for some travel solution to other Italian destinations.