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Themed private tours are the answer to your travel experiences. Venice mainland preserves a deep culture that today you find in all the Veneto region. This is a land of deep contrasts that can offer unexpected suggestions. Just below you find a list of themed private tours that you can discover with our professional driver. For sure, they will surprise you for the intensity and the human been value that enriched the tradition of a region for thousands of years. Choose your theme and enjoy it with our chauffeur service!

Padua caffè Pedrocchi, private tour Vento region, Italy

Padua and Vicenza

Day tour to discover masterpieces of Giotto, Palladio and the Tiepolos father and son

Villa Barbaro, tour Palladian villas Venice mainland with Pantarei Chauffeur Service based in Mira, Venice, Italy

Venetian villas by Palladio

Full day excursion to visit 3 masterpieces of Palladio architect of the Venetian Renaissance

Marostica Chess square, medieval walled town in Veneto region, Italy

Medieval castles tour

Private day tour to visit 2 towns that represent the medieval period of the Veneto region

raw ham and sausage factory, Este, Euganean hills

Wine and food tasting

Cheese dairy farm, winery, olive oil mill, raw ham and sausage factory in a day tour

Outlet village Veneto cruise shore excursion with Pantarei Chauffeur service with professional driver from Venice cruise terminal

Outlet village

150 shops of important brands known all over the world located in an outlet village

Valdobbiadene prosecco docg wine region.

Prosecco region

Visit a cellar with a wine tasting during a private tour. Free time in a medieval village

Padua square of the Herbs shore excursion with Pantarei Chauffeur service with professional driver from Venice cruise terminal

Padua, Venetian villas

Private day excursion to visit Padua and a Venetian villa located along the Brenta waterway

Roman amphitheatre Verona, private day excursion Veneto region, Italy

Verona and Valpolicella

Verona and Valpolicella wine region are the locations that you visit during this day tour

Verona arena opera season

Verona opera season

Tour suggested for opera lovers that want to assist a show played in a Roman amphitheater

Ornella Molon wine barrel piave wine

Wine tasting and shopping

Half-day excursion that includes a cellar visit with wine tasting, and a shopping tour

Montagnana mastio, medieval castle in the Veneto region.

Middle Ages, food tasting

Visit of 2 medieval towns, a ceramic shop, and a raw ham and sausage factory

Valpolicella French oak barrels. Wine tasting during a private day excursion

Valpolicella wine tasting

 Day tour to visit 2 wineries and taste some important Italian red wines like the Amarone. 

Baroque garden Villa Barbarigo in the Venetian hills. o visit during a private tour with a professional driver

Middle Ages, Baroque

Visit a castle, a medieval village, an olive oil mill, and a Baroque Venetian garden in a day tour

Giorgione statue Castelfranco Veneto, Middle ages and Venetian Renaissance

Middle Ages, Renaissance

Visit the Palladian villa Emo, the medieval towns of Cittadella and Castelfranco Veneto

Villa Emo by Palladio in Venice outskirts. To visit during a private tour with professional driver

Giorgione and Palladio

Day tour to visit a medieval town Giorgione’s place of birth and Villa Emo by Palladio

Chauffeur service, Villa Pisani, Stra. Private transfer from Brenta riviera to the airports of Venice and Treviso

Padua, Venetian villas

Half-day excursion focused in the university town of Padua and the Brenta waterway

Cheese and wine tasting in the Venetian hills. Chauffeur service private tour

Cheese, wine, olive oil

A day tour food experience in the Venetian hills. Chauffeur service to taste local products

Prosecco Superiore DOCG wine tasting. UNESCO site to visit during a private tour with professional driver. Chauffeur service in Venice

Prosecco DOCG

Prosecco hills UNESCO site visit of 2 wineries to discover the different flavours of the DOCG Superiore. 

The categories of our tours

In this section, we gathered all the excursions by categories. With this solution, you will find your tour just clicking on the category of your interest. All the themed private tours run on the mainland of Venice with our professional driver. From the Palladian villas to the wine tasting, from the medieval castles to the art cities, they are all performed in order to give the best of the day excursion.

Private transfer tours

In addition to the private day excursions reported above, we propose also some private transfer tours. With Venice as your departure or arrival location, you can experience a memorable full day excursion in our country. You can visit Ferrari’s hometown with its museum and a balsamic vinegar producer in Modena. Otherwise, from or to Milan, you can stopover in Verona (the town of Romeo and Juliet) and in Sirmione, a medieval town located on a peninsula of the Garda lake.

These are some of our customized tours. Just contact us for your travel needs.

Visit Venice with a licensed tour guide

Every single corner of Venice can hide a treasure. The only way to find it is with a licensed tour guide. We suggest you contact Venetian Guide for your full immersion in this magic town!