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Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions about Pantarei Chauffeur service

These frequently asked questions help you understand the difference between the car hire with driver and the taxi to find the ideal solution that best meets your needs. Just as it becomes important to know the skills that a driver must have for driving public service vehicles.

With this page dedicated to some frequently asked questions, Pantarei Chauffeur service provides you with important information for your car hire service with a professional driver.

What is the chauffeur service?

The chauffeur service is a car rental with a driver aimed at a Customer who requests a specific transport service based on hours or per journey.

What is the difference between the Taxi service and the Chauffeur service?
  • The Taxi service is stationed in public areas set up by the Municipality and the fare is calculated with an approved taximeter. The service starts with a departure from the municipal area.
  • For the chauffeur service, the vehicle is parked inside the garage located in the municipal area of Mira. The meeting with the user can also take place outside the Municipality that issued the authorization. It is required a reservation and a driver service document. The fee for the service is established only and exclusively following a free contract between the user and the chauffeur service company, to be carried out before the start of the service.
How do I recognize a vehicle used as a chauffeur service?

The vehicle used as a rental with driver must have:

  • inside the front windshield and on the rear window a sign with the wording “Noleggio Con Conducente” (Rental with Driver);
  • A metal plate located in the rear part of the vehicle, immovable, bearing the wording “NCC”, the emblem of the municipality of Mira, the authorization number, and the vehicle number plate;
  • Being of a color other than white;
  • The chauffeur service vehicle has no meter, the cost is established following previous accords.
What does it mean to be a professional driver?

Those who want to carry out the activity of rental with driver must:

  • have the Certificate of Professional Qualification;
  • be registered in the role of professional drivers of public vehicles;
  • have a passion for driving;
  • know the area;
  • take care of their own image;
  • know the good rules of reception and assistance;
  • be capable of solving emergencies;
  • with the Customer be discreet and, at the same time, always present.
What is your COVID-19 travel guidance?

Check the page COVID-19 travel guidance focused on this topic.

How can I contact you?

Today we are able to control all our activity with a single device. If you need to contact me you can use the following systems:

How can I book?

For your rental services with the driver you can book:

  • by phone or email, releasing the name and surname of the person transported, the number of people, the departure and arrival addresses, a telephone number. I need this information to fill in the service sheet as required by the regulation that governs us.
  • you can get a quote using the specific booking form. If you accept the offer you can proceed with the purchase. Otherwise, on my website, you will find different services, divided by topic, with the related booking forms.
Can I get an invoice?


May I have the receipt?

Yes, after each service an electronic receipt is issued

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