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The trusted cooperation with partners

In addition to guaranteeing the highest quality to the customer, the chauffeur hire service company must be part of a well-established interactive network. It is a collaboration between partners that arises automatically. As a result, it is a union created by mutual esteem and trust matured thanks to the passion and love that each of us shows in our profession.

The customer requests

As a chauffeur service company, I must be able to satisfy any request that the customer presents to me. For example, it can be information about a simple transfer service or on a more complex private tour experience. Not only that, but I also have to create the ideal environment to best satisfy his stay. But what does it mean?

partners’ interactive network

Well, as a professional and thanks to the expertise gained, I propose to the customer all those solutions that make his stay in our area unforgettable. And it is precisely in these details that the partners’ interactive network becomes of vital importance. They are not aseptic realities, but structured activities able to offer the maximum professionalism of a specific service requested.

The goal of an interactive network

The interactive network must be made up of all those categories aware of their role in the growth of the value of the service offered. A resource that continues to grow thanks to the perfect combination with the historical and geographical peculiarities of its region: the Veneto.

Partners list

The list shows the logo of all those partners that provide one or more services to the traveler. They are divided into categories and most cover the metropolitan city of Venice with a concentration in the town of Mira where I live. For various other activities, particularly in the outdoor area, the collaboration extends throughout the Veneto region. In addition, in the chauffeur service category, I have also included the logos of colleagues with whom I collaborate both in Italy and abroad.

Below you will find the list of categories. Select the one that interests you most and discover the services of the structure that I suggest:

Hotels and bed & breakfast

In Mira, along the Brenta canal, several hotels and bed & breakfast are chosen as an alternative to the city of Venice. Family-run, they are very welcoming and equipped with every comfort. Overall, they remain the ideal solution for both tourists and business people.

Travel agencies, DMC, tourist guides

Obviously, travel agencies, DMC, and tourist guides cannot be missing, offering all those experiences to the demanding traveler. Here I report the ones I know and appreciate for their remarkable professionalism and knowledge.

Outdoor activities

Considering the geographical conformation of the Veneto region, the list of professionals in the outdoor sector could not be missing. From the beaches of the Adriatic sea to the splendid Dolomite mountains passing through the Prealp foothills, I am sure you will be able to find one or more activities of your interest!

Chauffeur service

Well, this is my activity. Furthermore, I have decided to share with you those companies I collaborate with both at the national and European levels.

Historic houses

Along the Brenta canal and beyond, several Venetian villas are used for events. They are historic homes that become the perfect setting for weddings, birthdays, business meetings. Or they can be rented for brief periods.