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Chauffeur service to cruise passengers

Are you looking for a taxi or uber service from or to the town of Chioggia? And also, are you a passenger that embarks or disembarks from one of the cruise ships that dock at the port of Chioggia? An alternative to a taxi and Uber, the chauffeur service will give you all the assistance required for your private transfer. You can book your private transportation from or to the port of Chioggia thanks to the booking forms that we propose with our chauffeur service. And if you want to know the difference between a taxi and a chauffeur service in Italy, please check our FAQs page.

Private transfer from the port of Chioggia to Venice

In this section, we propose a chauffeur private transfer service from the port of Chioggia to Venice. Just below you can select your cruise ship and proceed with the booking to have an immediate confirmation. As a cruise passenger, when you disembark from the ship at the port of Chioggia, you will meet the professional driver that will wait for you holding a sign with your name. If you don’t find your cruise ship, don’t hesitate to contact us to plan your private transfer. We inform you that the whole private transportation service from the cruise terminal of Chioggia to Venice’s main car terminal will take approximately 50 minutes with regular traffic.

Chioggia cruise terminal to Venice Marco Polo airport

Furthermore, you can use the same booking form proposed from Chioggia cruise port to Venice even to reach Marco Polo airport. As a result, the driving distance is practically the same and the professional driver will leave you at the departure area of the terminal. However, if you disembark in the morning and you have a late scheduled flight at the airport, we suggest some shore excursion that can fill nicely this gap. Otherwise, just let us know your interest to plan for you a tailor-made journey. Even the island of Venice can be a perfect way to spend a pleasant day. For this solution, we suggest you contact Venetian Guide for your private visit to this magic town.

Venice or its airport to Chioggia cruise port

By the way, if you need a private transfer from Venice or its airport to the port of Chioggia, just click here to find the related booking form. From any other location please contact us to make a private transfer proposal with our chauffeur service.

North Adriatic cruise terminals

In the northern Adriatic Sea, other than Chioggia cruise terminal (Veneto region), there are other 4 cities reached by cruise ships. As a result, Venice (Veneto region), Monfalcone (Friuli Venezia Giulia region), Ravenna (Emilia Romagna region), and Trieste (Friuli Venezia Giulia region) are the ports used by most cruise companies for their journeys in the Mediterranean Sea.

Book your private transfer from the port of Chioggia

Just below, you find a list of cruise lines arriving at the cruise terminal of Chioggia.

Click on your cruise line to book the private transfer from the port of Chioggia to Venice or Marco Polo airport:

Transfer tour from Chioggia cruise port

Do you disembark at the cruise port of Chioggia in the morning, and do you have a late afternoon flight from Venice? Or simply, you want to discover some beauty of the region during your journey to Venice? Well, I suggest you some transfer tours that can fill very well your desire!

Private tour of Venice

Would you like to have a private tour of Venice before you fly back home? And from the logistic point of view, how can you manage your luggage? As a chauffeur service, I can fix all this to offer you the best solution. You will enjoy this day in Venice with your licensed tour guide for an unforgettable experience!

Private experience other than Venice Island

From Chioggia cruise port to Venice or its airport, there are also other solutions that you can discover. Maybe you are interested to see some other locations or just a stopover at a site (it can be for lunch). Anyway, when you disembark from your cruise, you can discover places of unexpected beauty.

Are you interested in this? Do you want to live an experience during your journey to Venice island or its airport? Just send me your inquiry using the following form:

Chioggia to Venice transfer tour

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