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Wine and food tasting in the mainland of Venice

Cheese, wine, liqueurs and spirits, raw ham, private tour

Are you looking for a wine and food tasting experience with a professional driver in the mainland of Venice? Cheese dairy farm, winery, liqueurs and spirits shop, raw ham and sausage factory are the wine and food experiences that we suggest during this private day excursion. With our chauffeur service, you will spend a full-day tour close to Venice to discover some excellence of wine and food products. You will meet families that, with passion, work on primary products from generation respecting old traditions.

Wine and food tasting private tour in the Venetian hills

The Venetian hills, known as the Euganean hills, are the answer if you seek experiences to fill insight into the local culture and history that shaped the people, the food, the wine, and the architecture. Nowhere else you will have a wine and food tasting experience like this full-day private tour! The shape of the Venetian hills leads to the spontaneous development of radically different types of vegetation. The wine and food tradition goes back to prehistoric times. But the whole food culture became important since the middle ages with the rise of the monasteries.

The Euganean hills

Due to their conformations, these hills are considered as seeming like islands in a vast wave-less area. They are the result of a series of seismic shifts of rock substrata formed between 34 and 33 million years ago. This region is so rich in unusual plant and animal life that it was declared a Regional Park in 1989. It is dotted with small towns and hamlets that give the traveler the delicious sensation of stepping back in time to the Medieval or Renaissance period.


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