Saint Anthony's church, Padua. A town to visit during a private tour with a professional driver and a licensed tour guide

Padua, Brenta riviera Venetian villas guided private tour

Padua and a venetian villa located along the Brenta riviera on the way to Venice are the places of visit of this private day excursion. With your professional driver and a licensed tour guide, you will spend some hours in one of the most important historical and university towns of Italy. Padua preserves masterpieces, works of art, and a historical center perfectly mingled with the local’s day life.  You will drive back to Venice following the Riviera del Brenta, a waterway between Venice and Padua dotted with important Venetian Villas. And on the way you will have time to visit the biggest one that today it is a museum. Before the end of the journey in Venice, you will have an ice-cream break in a picturesque little village. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.


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