Padua historical center, Herbs square
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The chauffeur service to the art cities

Art cities and Culture day excursion go through the main cities of the Veneto region. You will understand how these sites gave a deep imprint on the local culture. These are private tours to discover works considered masterpieces of Italian art history. Just walking in the historical centers of the art cities, you find styles that cover more than 2000 years of history. Buildings that continue to be used, but also ways of living transmitted from generations till today!

The private tour with a professional driver and a licensed guide

With these private tours, you can visit the art cities of the Veneto region known worldwide for their incredible treasures. In addition to our professional driver, we propose also a licensed tour guide for full immersion in these cities. Padua, Vicenza, and Verona are the towns that we suggest. With an awesome historical background, they are the true essence of the Venetian culture.

Padua caffè Pedrocchi, private tour Vento region, Italy

Padua and Vicenza

Day tour to discover masterpieces of Giotto, Palladio and the Tiepolos father and son

Padua square of the Herbs shore excursion with Pantarei Chauffeur service with professional driver from Venice cruise terminal

Padua, Venetian villas

Private day excursion to visit Padua and a Venetian villa located along the Brenta waterway

Villa Barbaro, tour Palladian villas Venice mainland with Pantarei Chauffeur Service based in Mira, Venice, Italy

Venetian villas by Palladio

Full day excursion to visit 3 masterpieces of Palladio architect of the Venetian Renaissance