Cellar tour wine tasting
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Cellars tour wine tasting

Cellars tour becomes more and more popular due to the experience that you can have! Venice mainland is one of the most important Italian wine regions with a long tradition that is testified from the Roman Empire. Red and white, sparkling and flat, young and aged, autochthonous or international grapes, a range that you can discover during your private day excursion with the professional driver.

Valpolicella French oak barrels. Wine tasting during a private day excursion

Valpolicella wine tasting

Day tour to visit 2 wineries and taste some important Italian red wines like the Amarone.

Prosecco Superiore DOCG wine tasting. UNESCO site to visit during a private tour with professional driver. Chauffeur service in Venice

Prosecco DOCG

Prosecco hills UNESCO site visit of 2 wineries to discover the different flavours of the DOCG Superiore.