Villa Pisani, Brenta riviera between Venice and Padua. Day excursion with professional driver to visit the Venetian villas
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Booking form chauffeur service from Stra to Treviso airport

Are you looking for a taxi or uber car from Stra to Treviso airport? With this form, you can book your chauffeur service with a professional driver and pay online with your credit card. An alternative to the taxi and uber, the private transfer gives you all assistance required as a chauffeur service. Reliable and discreet, our professional driver will meet you at the lobby of your hotel or at the address indicated in Stra to drive you to Treviso airport. He will leave you at the correct entrance gate of the departure area. The whole chauffeur transfer service will take approximately 50 minutes with regular traffic. But what is the difference between a taxi and a chauffeur service? Just check our FAQs page.

In case you are looking for a reverse way taxi service, ie from Treviso airport to Stra, click here.

Transfer tour proposal

If you have a late flight with some dead time from your private transfer from Stra, we suggest half-day tours that can fill nicely this gap. Basically proposed for cruise passengers as a shore excursion, they are also the right solution for travelers like you. Otherwise, we can plan tailor-made excursions with our professional driver from Stra following your interest.

Other local transfers to Treviso airport

For your taxi service from other towns than Stra, our Chauffeur service company proposes local transfers to reach Treviso airport. If you stay in towns along the Brenta canal between Venice and Padua, we propose some solutions that can be helpful. We added also Vicenza, Abano, Padua, and Mestre for their economic and touristic importance. Just click on the location of your interest and you will be linked to the related booking form.

Venice Marco Polo airport

What if you land or leave from Venice Marco Polo airport? Well, the same locations reported above are also available from or to the main Venetian airport. For what it concerns Stra, click here if you need to reach Venice airport. Otherwise, click here to find the booking form for the reverse way. 

For all other destinations, check our transfer rate adding the information required, or contact us.